How to install wallcracker

  • Download and untar archive.

    1. Download wallcracker-alpha-latest-x86_64.tgz
    2. Untar files from archive:tar zxvf wallcracker-alpha-latest.tgz
    3. Copy wallcracker to bin directory: cp ./wallcracker/wallcracker /bin/wallcracker
    4. Copy explorer to bin directory: cp ./wallcracker/explorer /bin/explorer
    5. Copy to wallcracker directory: cp ./wallcracker/ /root/.wallcracker/
    6. Copy to wallcracker directory: cp ./wallcracker/ /root/.wallcracker/

    Get and set key code.

    1. Register email wallcracker -r
    2. Go to your email and get key code xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.
    3. Edit /root/.wallcracker/ and add key='xxxx-xxxx-xxxx' to config file.

    Reload config.

    1. Reload config from explorer button [Reload Conf], right bottom.
    2. User can also reload config by command: kill -s HUP `cat /var/run/`