Why wallcracker for Linux.

  • I started using Linux as my main desktop in 2007, and even when wrote firewall iptables rules, I always was thinking that we cant trust software and even if we trust we cant block it, there was no tool to prevent software from connecting outside the world. Time goes by and i couldn't find perfect firewall rules, couldn't find program that would handle blocking software from creating new connections to outside the world. Now i know that SELinux have similar capabilities, but to configure this takes time and knowledge. So is there other way to drop all connections and allow only certain applications to connect on specific ports. More or less that's how whole idea of wallcracker came to life, and 6 different prototypes later here it is. Simple application unblocker, because what it main feature does, it accepts application to connect outside if meets condition in config file. But why wallcracker, because all other good names were taken 😉